About Edmund Hatcher

Mr. Entrepreneur 

My Babies!    My Why!

Edmund's Past:

Lets start here! I'm From South East San Diego CA,Gang infested Neighborhood were i learned how to survive. came across a opportunity to move to Alaska to change my life, So I jumped at the opportunity because deep down inside i new this is not the life for me. The second part of my life I moved to Alaska and started my new life were i became a Dad,Husband and Leader, First off i worked hard for my Family as a Warehouse/Delivery Driver for 11 years, about four years ago i stumble across the Network Marketing Industry and realized that i was blinded i never new about this, that i can start my own Franchise at a low cost! Are you kidding me For only $40 or $199 or even $399 i can have my own Business! I though i was Dreaming, so that's my life story in a nut shell!

Edmund's Future

I'm achieving my Goals and seeing my success come true slowly but consistent, My Future is so Bright! I can see my self living my dreams that i always wanted! bills on auto-pay!


My Family My Heart

Wife - Rasela L. Hatcher

Son - Edmund D. Hatcher - 9years

Son - Anthony a. Gonzalez - 9years

Daughter - Makayla F. Hatcher - 7years

Daughter - Myisha F. Hatcher - 4years

Son - Morese G. Hatcher - 5years

Son - Mondo G. Hatcher - 2months

Son - DeAndre Hatcher - 20years

Daughter - Audrenay L. Hatcher - 18years

Daughter - Chutayja D. Hatcher - 15years

Son - Josiah T. Hatcher - 13years

Daughter - Carmen M. Hatcher 11years

11 Kids

 My Dream! My Hustle!

My Family Is Everything!

My Philosophy

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TVC / MCA Agent
 Edmund G. Hatcher 
Agent ID: 12609932 

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